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SAMSUNG UE50NU7020 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV


Product features

  • 4K Ultra HD Certified with HDR10+
  • Catch-up TV & 4K Streaming with Smart Hub
  • Picture quality: 1300 PQI
  • HDMI 2.0 x 2

Top features: 

- Stunning visuals with 4K resolution 

- High speed action with no blur

- 360° design looks great from any angle

- Smart TV provides limitless entertainment options

- Smart View app turns your smartphone into the remote 

Stunning visuals

The Samsung UE43NU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV earned its Ultra HD certification. With a 4K screen, there's a huge amount of pixels working to craft lifelike images. Colours are accurately recreated onscreen thanks to HDR10+, which creates such lifelike images you'll be pulled into the scene. The UHD Dimming adjusts the brightness for different sections of the screen, so you can have dimly lit night scenes and shining sci-fi without ever losing the details to shadows or glare.

High speed action

Don't lose detail in fast scenes. Whether it's an intense action scene or a cracking rally at Wimbledon, with Auto Motion Plus fast motion will be represented so realistically you'll feel like you're right there in the crowd. This is possible thanks to the fast frame refresh rate and impressive processing speed of the Samsung NU7020, which can create fast moving images without blurring them. Keep your eye on the ball.

360° design

A stylish addition to any living room, the Samsung 43NU7020 is designed to look good from every angle. The bezel has been pulled back, so you get less TV and more screen. The back is clean and smooth, with artful grooves to guide cables out of sight. There'll be no unruly mess to distract from the entertainment.

Smart TV

Access all of your entertainment options from one place. Jump from your DVD player, to Netflix, to YouTube, with no content more than three clicks away. Samsung TV Plus is another avenue of content, with the latest Hollywood blockbusters and additional smart TV channel available for streaming.

With such an array of options, it can be easy to get lost in trying to decide what to watch. Samsung's Universal Guide saves time by collecting and curating content based on your tastes, narrowing down the thousands of options to the few you really want to see.

Smart View app

Don't waste time searching behind the sofa cushions for the remote, when you can get all the same functions and more from your smartphone. Download the Smart View app, and you'll have complete control of the TV. You can stream what's happening to your phone screen, so you don't miss a moment even when you're putting the kettle on. You can also access the Universal Guide from your smartphone and choose what to watch next without interrupting the movie.


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