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SONY PlayStation 4 Pro & Days Gone Bundle - 1 TB


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Product features

  • 4K Ultra HD graphics & HDR technology
  • 1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR5 memory
  • Blu-ray drive
  • Dual-band WiFi with Ethernet & Bluetooth

    Top features:

    - Supercharged 4k graphics with HDR colour and upscaled imagery

    - Powerful processing with intelligent features

    - Control your gaming with the interactive DualShock 4 controller

    - Fast connectivity with enhanced 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds

    Supercharged 4k graphics

    Experience the most spectacular graphics on every game and film with the PlayStation 4 Pro – with 4k Ultra HD resolution and HDR compatibility.

    Featuring twice the power as previous models, the PlayStation 4 Pro achieves faster and more stable frame rates as well as incredibly lifelike details for unprecedented gaming quality. Making every action smoother and each colour bold and bright, the PS4 Pro also upscales lower resolutions as close to 4k as possible.

    Not just for enhanced gaming, the Ultra HD capability lets you get the most out of 4k Netflix and YouTube content. Stream your games to multiple devices and share your progress with your friends in beautiful 1080p Full HD, so that you can re-watch your successes in great quality.

    Powerful processing

    Combining a super-fast processor with jaw-dropping 4k graphics and a massive 8 GB of DDR5 system memory, the PS4 Pro has all the same features as the ground-breaking PS4, except with smoother, richer graphics and incredible detail in every moment.
    Intelligent and personalised, the PlayStation 4 also offers deeply integrated social capabilities and progressive second-screen features. Linking fluidly with the PlayStation network, you can use Cloud technology for an expansive and immersive gaming network that is gamer-centric, allowing you to play when, where and how you want.

    Control your gaming

    Included with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the DualShock 4 controller, which gives you complete control and lets you interact with your games in both familiar and unexpected ways.

    The dual analogue sticks and improved buttons offer enhanced precision, plus there are integrated motion sensors, touch controls and the innovative ‘Share' button.

    Use the built-in mono speaker and headset jack to enjoy detailed, high-fidelity sounds through the controller and online chats with friends using a headset. The action takes on a new intensity with enhanced vibration motors, and the shape provides enhanced comfort. Using the Touch Pad on the front of the controller, you'll experience a freer way to play.

    Fast connectivity

    Able to connect to super-fast 2.4G Hz and 5 GHz broadband speeds, you can enjoy enhanced dual-band WiFi with the PlayStation 4 Pro – letting you download games and connect with your friends quicker than ever.

    With the Sony PS4 Pro you'll enjoy drastically reduced lag time between you and your content. Suspend Mode keeps the system in a low power state while maintaining the game session for extremely fast console boot-up and load times.

    When you're done taking down your enemies, you can relax with a film on Blu-ray or DVD. There's also HDMI support, three high speed USB 3.1 ports, an AUX port and a digital output for total connective flexibility.


    Days Gone

    Think quickly, craft weapons and fight to survive your way through the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in Days Gone

    Set two years after a mysterious pandemic has wiped out most of humanity, the remaining population have deserted their towns in favour of smaller, crudely built encampments. You'll discover the eerie, deserted world of Days Gone through the eyes of Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned bounty hunter and drifter, who favours life on the road to living among other survivors. 

    You'll need to keep your wits about you to survive what's out there. Resources are scarce and violence between survivors is common. Freakers roam the lands, fuelled by the weather and the night sky, and they're even more deadly under the cover of darkness. You'll even come across infected animals including bears, so be prepared.

    Choose between stealth and aggressive approaches to make it through, customise your motorbike to ride across the different types of terrain, and stay alert to survive.