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Swann CCTV System - 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD NVR with 4 x 4K Ultra HD Thermal Sensing Cameras


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Why buy me

  • NVR-8580 8 Channel NVR with 2TB Hard Drive
  • NHD-885MSB 4K Bullet Cameras x 4
  • Cat5e Ethernet Cable x 5 (60ft/18m x 4 3ft/1m x 1)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter Splitter
  • Mouse
  • Mounting Screws Plugs
  • Quick Start Guide

                  Product Information

                  Remote Viewing
                  Motion Alert
                  Nightvision 40m
                  4K UHD
                  Face Detection
                  2TB HDD
                  4 Cameras
                  8 Channels NVR

                  Innovative Thermal-Sensing Motion Detection Technology

                  Swann’s True Detect PIR Thermal Sensing technology detects motion by heat, such as from people & cars, to trigger recording and push notifications. This virtually eliminates false triggers, like plants moving with the wind, to only capture events with security relevance.

                  Get amazing detail with 4K Ultra HD which is 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD. Zoom in closer with unprecedented clarity to essential evidence such as license plates, facial features and clothing details.


                  The 4 IP security cameras NHD-885MSB come with Ethernet cables and are weatherproof, built tough for the outdoors or indoors. See in the dark up to 130ft (40m) with the camera’s powerful infrared night vision.

                  Enjoy easy camera installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) as each camera is connected via Cat 5 network cable to transmit power, video and audio.

                  Expand your security system by adding up to 4 more cameras for a complete 8 channel home security system, suitable for medium-sized businesses & detached homes.

                  Smartphone Integration

                  The HomeSafe View app ensures you’ll always be connected to your home or business, allowing you to see your cameras on your smartphone or tablet, live or playback, from wherever you are in the world.

                  4K resolution

                  Using the same resolution as the latest TVs, the Swann SWNVK-885804-UK 8-Channel 4K Ultra HD Security System provides 4K Ultra HD video. Up to four times the quality of Full HD, it captures plenty of detail, which could make the difference when it comes to protecting your property.

                  The four 4K cameras let you see what's going on day or night, with night vision that can see up to 40 m. The cameras are durable, which means you can use them inside or outside your home.

                  You've also got the option to add more cameras to your system, so you can enjoy great coverage of your home.

                  Advanced software

                  The Swann SWNVK-885804 8-Channel Security System uses advanced analytic software to start recording and knows when to send you notifications. It uses face detection to start recording when it detects a face, and will let you know with a notification.

                  Line crossing, perimeter intrusion and static object and person detection all comes together to keep your property safer, and lets you know as soon as anything's happening.

                  See and hear

                  Each of the cameras includes a built-in microphone, adding sound to the high resolution videos. You'll be able to hear noises, even if they're off-screen. The sound is good enough that you'll be able to identify voices by accent, age and gender.

                  Heat and motion detection

                  With True Detect PIR motion sensors, the Swann SWNVK-885804 4K Ultra HD Security System can detect people, cars, large pets and other large-heat generating objects. Worried about the dog wandering out an open gate? These cameras will pick up the moment.

                  Get notifications

                  You'll be able to view live or recorded video on your TV or PC using an HDMI connection or VGA port. You can stream video to your iOS or Android smartphone using the free HomeSafe View app, which means you'll be able to check what's going on at home without needing to be there.

                  What's In the Box

                  • NVR-8580 8 Channel NVR with 2TB Hard Drive
                  • NHD-885MSB 4K Bullet Cameras x 4
                  • Cat5e Ethernet Cable x 5 (60ft/18m x 4 & 3ft/1m x 1)
                  • HDMI Cable
                  • Power Adapter & Splitter
                  • Mouse
                  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
                  • Quick Start Guide
                  • Theft Deterrent Stickers