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MSpa Mont Blanc Premium Bubble Spa

£549.00 £769.00

The Mspa Mont Blanc Premium Bubble Spa is the perfect edition just in time for the summer! Relax after a long day with tranquil bubbles and plenty of heat.




As a luxurious, high-end premium Inflatable Hot Tub, the MSpa Mont Blanc Premium Bubble Spa flaunts its extravagant and luxurious Epi-leather appearance providing a stylish feature to your garden. Featuring the unique X-beam structure, the MSpa Mont Blanc offers 15% more support than the traditional I-beam construction, making this MSpa’s most rigid Hot Tub that utilises Rhino-Tech material.

Boasting the 6-layer, reinforced PVC, Rhino-Tech material, the MSpa Mont Blanc Premium is constructed from a strong and reliable material that should last for years to come. Accompanied by the new X-beam structure, the MSpa Mont Blanc offers excellent rigidity and reliability.

With Plug and Play, you can control the entire function of your MSpa Mont Blanc all from the advanced LCD touch screen control panel. One-touch inflation keeps things simple and gets you Hot Tubbing as easily and as fast as possible. You can also control the temperature, turning the 118 airjets on/off, as well as the Ozone filtering system on your MSpa Mont Blanc Premium Bubble Spa.

A zip-lock lid and inflatable bladder keeps your inflatable Hot Tub insulated when not in use! This helps you maintain the heat within your MSpa Mont Blanc, saving you money in the long run! Beneath the inflatable Hot Tub is the insulating bubble mat to prevent heat loss below.



    • 118 air jets
    • Heats up to 42°C
    • 1.5-2°C per hour
    • LCD Control panel
    • X-beam structure
    • Epi-leather material
    • Ozone sanitation
    • Zip-lock lid
    • Includes: Heat preservation bubble mat, inflatable bladder, filter cartridge x 2, garden hose adapter, foot pump, instructions & DVD


    • Inflated size: 1.80m x 0.70m
    • Capacity: 4 people
    • Water Capacity: 700L
    • Control system: 220-240V/50Hz
    • Heater: 1500W
    • Massage air blower: L1 – 300W, L2 – 500W, L3 – 720W
    • Filter: 12V/60W
    • Ozone generator: 5.5W