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Mspa Tekapo Bubble Spa


The Mspa Tekapo Bubble Spa is the perfect edition just in time for the summer! Relax after a long day with tranquil bubbles and plenty of heat.




MSpa have upgraded their Delight Inflatable Hot Tub range with the luxurious MSpa Tekapo Delight Bubble Spa. With its new smart-look appearance, MSpa have removed the control panel from the side of the inflatable Hot Tub and instead have installed a wired remote control. The wired control gives you full control over your MSpa Tekapo Delight Bubble Spa experience from anywhere in your Hot Tub – making life easier for you!

Also, fresh in the MSpa Tekapo Delight Bubble Spa, is the newly-designed, bias air chamber which has increased the overall stability of this patented, square-shaped inflatable Hot Tub. Combined with the bias air chamber is the charcoal grey, Rhino-Tech, 6-layer, reinforced PVC material – offering reliability and resilience with your MSpa Tekapo Delight Bubble Spa.

Basque in 132 luscious air jets as they lift your body and float you away on a cloud of effervescent bubbles. Tactically placed, the MSpa Tekapo Delight Bubble Spa’s airjets are situated at the base of your spa, in order to target the underside of your body – giving them the ability to provide you with a weightlessness sensation in your inflatable Hot Tub.



    • 132 air jets
    • Heats up to 42°C
    • 1.2-1.8°C per hour
    • Delight wired controller
    • Bias air chamber
    • 6-layer, Rhino-Tech material
    • Lid
    • Includes: MSpa filter cartridge pack x 1, Instruction manual & DVD set-up, Ground buckle mat, garden hose adapter.


    • Inflated size: 1.85m x 1.85m x 0.68m
    • Capacity: 4-6 people
    • Water Capacity: 930L
    • Control system: 220-240V/50Hz
    • Heater: 1500W/2.04HP
    • Massage air blower: 600W/0.8HP;
    • Filter: 12V/35W