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Tilting TV Wall Mount - 26" to 55" Screen


Product Overview

A super strong, secure and easy to install TV wall mount that's ideal for use on a flat section of wall, where the TV is mounted higher than eye level.

It's recommended for centrally located medium and large TVs in main rooms and higher up the wall such as above fireplaces.
Fits flat panel screens from 26" to 55"
Allows better viewing angles to reduce glare
Tilt: 15.5° down
Easy to install design
Distance from wall: 34mm
Fixings included for Wood Stud & Solid Walls.

Note: The information on the Packing Box incorrectly states 76mm Distance to Wall, it is 34mm.

Product Information
Maximum Screen Size: From 26" to 55"

Bracket Type: Tilting

Mount Load Max: 40kg