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PLANTRONICS RIG 100HS Gaming Headset


Product features

  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Connectivity: Jack
  • Compatible with PC & consoles & mobile devices
  • In-line volume control

Dual performance audio

The exoskeleton design of the Plantronics RIG 100HS Gaming Headset creates a larger sound stage, so it's easier to determine the direction and distance when you're trying to pinpoint the footsteps coming up behind you. Spin and shoot with uncanny accuracy.

Hear more game cues and make calls so clear they command attention. Experience the power of a full range driver with an exoskeleton earcup design that allows ambient noise in and provides open acoustics for a bigger gaming sound stage.

Easy controls

Focus on the game and easily adjust the volume of what you hear and say with inline mute and volume controls. Quick volume adjustment, without onscreen menus, lets you seamlessly engage in the game and with others in the room.

The mic is noise-cancelling, so your mates will hear only your voice, rather than the clack of your keyboard or whine of your laptop fan. The microphone is on a flexible boom, so you can position it as you please. It can even be switched between the left and right sides, or removed completely if you're more interested in solo play.

Cushioned customisable comfort

Get ready to game and chat for hours. The lightweight, memory foam cushioned headset is designed to reduce pressure and listening fatigue so you can game longer. The rotating, noise-cancelling boom mic allows you to transmit and receive clear chat audio on either the left or right.

The Plantronics RIG 100HS Gaming Headset's ear cups use memory foam to provide a comfortable fit, so you can play for hours without even being aware you're wearing headphones at all.