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ACER H6521BD Full HD Home Cinema Projector


Product features

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Screen size: Up to 300"
  • Long throw
  • Ideal for natural light and dark rooms
  • Connectivity: HDMI / VGA

    Top features: 

    - Bring the cinema to your living room with a Full HD display 

    - High brightness for great image in all lighting conditions 

    - Low input lag technology for smooth gaming 

    Bring the cinema to your living room

    Say goodbye to grainy, pixelated or blurry projections with the Acer H6521BD Full HD Home Cinema Projector. Get the cinema experience at home and watch the latest films or TV shows on a Full HD display, which will always be crisp and detailed, even in fast-moving action scenes. Movie night has never been better.

    High brightness

    With a super-high brightness level of 3500 lumens, images will look just as vibrant and clear during the daytime or at a long distance from the screen. Even if you're sat at the back of the room, you'll get the same great experience with no loss of detail.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to make out the details in darker parts of the movie. With a dynamic black ratio of 10,000:1 you'll get a vivid image that's always well defined, so you'll never struggle to make out what's happening.

    Low input lag technology

    For the gamers, the H6521BD offers reduced frame delay and faster response times, which means you can hook up your console for some big-screen Forza or FIFA without sacrificing quality. You'll still be in complete control..