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AEG SteamBake BPS352020M Electric Steam Oven - Stainless Steel


Product features

  • Capacity: 71 litres
  • Oven type: Multifunction
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Professional installation required

      Top features:

      - Multifunction oven provides a range of cooking options, including SteamBake 

      - Food Sensor measures the core temperature of your food 

      - Pyrolytic cleaning helps you keep your oven in top condition 

      - Additional heating ring ensures everything is cooked even when your oven is full 

      Multifunction oven

      Cook with the benefits of a range of functions, including fan assisted, grilling, and more, with the AEG SteamBake BPS352020M Electric Steam Oven.

      Make the most of SteamBake, which helps you to achieve tasty bakes with soft insides and crispy crusts that your friends and family will be wowed by.

      Food sensor

      Ensure joints and other meals are cooked to the correct temperature with the Food Sensor which monitors your food in the centre throughout the cooking process - ensuring perfectly cooked meals everytime.

      Pyrolytic cleaning

      Keep your oven in sparkling condition with ease thanks to the PYROLUXE PLUS self-cleaning system. This has two cycles and reduces grease and grime to a fine ash which is simple to wipe clear.

      Additional heating ring

      Thanks to an additional heating ring, the SteamBake Oven ensures everything you have inside is cooked evenly even when you've got lots of food in, so you don't have to worry about staggering cooking times