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Amazon Echo Show


Product features

  • Hands-free voice commands with Alexa
  • Video calling
  • Watch video clips
  • Dolby speaker for streaming music


Top features: 

- Alexa now shows you videos, photos, music, and more 

- Activate a range of Alexa-compatible devices using your voice 

- Hands-free video calling and messaging helps you stay in touch 

- Powerful Dolby audio speakers fill your room with immersive sound 

- Download new Alexa Skills from Amazon to do more with Echo Show 


The Amazon Echo Show introduces a new way to take control of your home and music using your voice. It makes life easier by taking care of life's daily tasks.

Echo Show combines Alexa voice control with video for the first time. Just call out Alexa's name, and ask it to play videos from Amazon, and more.

Browse how-to videos, and cooking clips whenever you need a reminder in the kitchen. Watch quick news updates, view song lyrics, or use the Echo Show as a baby monitor when combined with other compatible products.

Activate any Alexa-compatible devices

Echo Show
 is compatible with an ever-growing list of smart home connected devices, from baby monitors to automated door locks, smart light bulbs, music players, and more. Ask Alexa to lock the doors while you're tucked in bed, dim the lights, or play music from your Spotify playlists, using your voice. Just say “Alexa”, followed by the command to do what you want it to.

If you've got several Echo devices around your home, you can play music from them simultaneously, for a multi-room audio experience.

Hands-free video calling and messaging

Echo Show
 makes video calling easier. Makes handsfree calls to friends and family who have an Echo Show, or the Alexa app on their smartphone. A Drop In feature lets you quickly check in on someone, and send them a quick message if they're available. You can choose to be available for Drop Ins or not, and decline Drop Ins if you wish.

Powerful Dolby audio speakers

Powerful speakers powered by Dolby, deliver room-filling sound. The Echo Show is fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with good bass. If you've got an Amazon Music account, you can enjoy millions of songs, complete with on-screen song lyrics, and album art.

Download new Alexa Skills

The list of things Echo Show can do is growing all the time. Do more by downloading new Skills from Amazon. Order a takeaway from Domino's Pizza, turn your lights on and off, get weather and travel updates, and get new recipe ideas just by saying Alexa's name.