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Top features: 

- Enjoy movies from iTunes and Netflix, as well as catchup TV channels 

- Use voice control to find what you want to watch 

- Play popular games using the Siri Remote 

Enjoy movies from iTunes and Netflix

You'll always find something worth watching on Apple TV. It's packed with apps to keep you entertained so you can watch movies from Netflix, or catch up on the latest from Sky News. Never miss your favourite shows with BBC iPlayer, such as the unmissable Blue Planet, or Match of the Day.

iTunes also has a massive selection of movies to choose from. They're available to view the same day they're released on DVD, so you're not missing out on the latest films. TV shows can also be viewed as soon as the day after they first aired.

Use voice control

The latest Siri Remote makes it easy to find what you want to watch. Just press the Siri button, and say what you want to view. Whether it's a specific film, genre, or actor you want to see, the Siri Remote will find it. With Siri voice control, you can find any programme you want, without having to open the app.

Play popular games

Apple TV isn't just for movies - you can play games on it, too. Play exciting racing games such as Asphalt 8, or motion-controlled games such as space adventure Manticore Rising. The list of games and apps on the App Store is constantly increasing, so there's always something to keep your family entertained.