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ASTRO A40TR Gaming Headset - Black


Product features

  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Connectivity: Jack
  • Compatible with PC / Mac / Xbox One / PS4
  • Retractable microphone

Top features:

- ASTRO audio brings your in-game sound to life

- Designed for maximum comfort during the longest gaming sessions

- Adapt your headphones for every game with an additional mod-kit

ASTRO audio

Hear your in-game music, dialogue and sound effects just as they were intended to be heard with the Astro A40TR Gaming Headset.

Specifically tuned for gaming, ASTRO audio provides immersive, detailed, true-to-life sound that will pull you further into your game than ever before. Hear an air-raid a crucial second sooner, or detect an enemy creeping up on you from behind - you'll be able to stay one step ahead.

Designed for maximum comfort

Designed with your comfort in mind, the A40TR Headset is lightweight and durable. The ear cushions are covered with leather so your ears won't get too warm, and it also helps in-game acoustics to sound their best.

Tailor your headphones for every game

Every game environment is different, so you need a headset that can adapt. From FIFA to Fallout, the A40TR Headset is mod-kit ready, so if you want it to be closed-back and noise-isolating, you can transform it to suit your needs.

Crystal clear communication is paramount whatever you're playing - so the precision microphone can be positioned on either side of the headset so you can make sure you're heard. There's also the option of customisable speaker tags, so you can promote your sponsors, express your individuality or just mix it up to keep things fresh.