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BLADEZ Hot Wheels DRX Hawk Racing Drone with Controller - Black, Red & Yellow


Product features

  • Max. speed: 7 mph
  • Max. flight time: 6 minutes
  • Perform stunts & tricks

        Top features:

        - Perform impressive tricks and stunts 

        - One touch return makes it easy to find your drone 

        - Safer flying thanks to crash proof guards 

        - Three speeds to choose from 

        Perform impressive tricks

        You'll be able to impress friends with the Bladez Hot Wheels DRX Hawk Racing Drone. It's got a controller that makes it easy to perform acrobatic tricks like 360° flips or evade your foes in a race.

        The Headless Mode means that you can fly the drone forward no matter which orientation it's in.

        One touch return

        Want to get your drone to come back to you? At the touch of button, your drone will head back to your position.

        Safer flying

        The rotor blades of the Hot Wheels DRX Hawk are fully enclosed in safety guards, and they're crash proof so you won't have to worry about damaging anything while you're learning to fly.

        Three speeds

        Start to learn to fly on the slower speed, ideal for practising until you've perfected your tricks and racing skills. Once you've built up your confidence, move up into Advanced and Pro modes for more speed.

        Please note: when flying a drone in the UK you must follow The Drone Code as set out by The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). For more information visit