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FITBIT Charge 2


Product features

  • Tracks steps / distance / calories / heart rate
  • Monitors sleep with silent alarm
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • Splashproof

Top features:

- PurePulse heart rate monitor gives you more information so you always get the most from your workout

- Multi-sport tracking makes it easy to monitor running, gym sessions, yoga, and more

- Connected GPS provides real-time run stats

- Smartphone alerts deliver incoming calls, texts, and calendar alerts

- Guided breathing sessions for moments of calm


You can exercise efficiently every workout thanks to the PurePulse heart rate monitor. It displays your real-time heart rate so you can push yourself harder or back off depending on how your body is reacting.

Simplified heart rate zones can help you maximise every session, for example when on a treadmill, you can see where you move from fat burning to cardio through to peak intensity.

The Cardio Fitness Score collects all of the information taken by band to give you a better understanding of your fitness levels, how you're improving, and what steps you need to take next to develop.

Multi-sport tracking

Monitoring much more than just your steps, the Charge 2 tracks specific exercises such as running, weights, or yoga to give you more accurate and relevant stats.

Certain exercises like hiking and cycling are automatically selected with SmartTrack, so you still get credit even if you forget to log a workout.

Connected GPS

The Charge 2 is great for runners as it uses your smartphone's GPS to show you stats in real time including pace, distance, and a map of your route when you get home.  

Smartphone alerts

Never miss another call, text, or appointment with smartphone alerts delivered straight to your wrist.

You can customise the OLED touch display with interchangeable clock faces to suit your style.

Guided breathing sessions

Staying calm and relaxing after a workout is as important as keeping moving. Guided breathing sessions help you find moments of calm throughout the day to keep you well rested and happy.

Personalised to your heart rate, these guided breathing sessions are ideal after a tough workout, before a yoga session, or morning meditation.