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FOSSIL Q Explorist HR FTW4012 Smartwatch - Smoke, Stainless Steel Strap


Product features

  • Voice commands / smartphone notifications
  • Water resistant
  • Health & fitness tracking with heart rate monitor & GPS
  • Compatible with iOS / Android

          Top features: 

          - Impressive design with full touchscreen display 

          - Smartphone connection expands what the watch can do

          - Fitness tracking helps you stay motivated for workouts

          - Downloadable apps and contactless payments 

          Impressive design

          The whole face of the Fossil Q Explorist FTW4012 Smartwatch is a touchscreen display, so you can customize the dials and reach your most used features with a single tap. The strap and watch face are interchangeable too, so you can mix it up to match your style.

          Smartphone connection

          Sync the Fossil Q Explorist HR to your smartphone with Bluetooth to receive notifications for texts, calls, emails, and apps straight to your wrist. With a simple “OK Google”, you can ask about the weather, set a reminder, get directions, and much more. While travelling, it'll automatically update to match whatever time zone you find yourself in, so you're always on time.

          Fitness tracking

          Get the most out of your workouts. Using GPS you can track your speed and distance, and your heart rate will also show on the screen for extra motivation. The Explorist is also swim-proof, so every workout is recorded accurately whether you're in the gym or the pool.

          Downloadable apps

          You can download apps directly onto the Fossil FTW4012. This really opens up what the Explorist can do - control your music, find somewhere to eat, or just play a game.

          Don't reach for your wallet when you need to make a payment. Just wave your smart watch over the card machine, and the Fossil will make the payment just like a contactless card.