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Rose Gold

Product features

  • Smartphone notifications
  • Water resistant
  • Health & fitness tracking with heart rate monitor
  • Battery life: Up to 5 days
  • Compatible with iOS / Android / Windows

Top features: 

- Fashion and function to keep you in shape and on schedule 

- Heart rate monitor to maximise your fitness 

- Stress tracking  lets you achieve balance 

- Garmin Connect online community to share and compete 

Fashion and function 

Nurture your body, mind, and soul with the smart and sophisticated Garmin VIVOMOVE HR Sport.

Fashionable and functional, this smartwatch has a crystal touchscreen with a discreet display that appears only when you flick your wrist to look at the watch. The hands on the clock will move out of the way when you interact with the touchscreen, and then go back to the correct time when you are done.

Smart notifications appear on your digital display so you never miss a text. You can also control your music from the watch, plus much more.

Heart rate monitor 

Not only does this stylish watch keep track of the number of steps you've walked or climbed in a day, as well as monitor your sleep, the VIVOMOVE HR Sport captures your heart rate details to let you know how many calories you have burned and to help you work harder towards your fitness goals

Taking your age and training regime into account, the smartwatch is packed with fitness tools that help you maximise results.

Stress tracking

In addition to tracking your physical activities, the VIVOMOVE HR Sport helps you stay emotionally balanced. For instance, if you're having a particularly stressful day, the watch will prompt you to take a break from your hard work, or to do something that calms you down. A relaxation timer guides you through rejuvenating breathing exercises.

Garmin Connect 

Sync your activities to Garmin Connect, an actively growing online community where people on the go can connect and compete by joining challenges, encourage each other's successes, and even share their triumphs via social media. Garmin Connect is free and available online or on your smartphone with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.