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HOOVER HDPN1L390OW Full-size NFC Dishwasher - White


Product features

  • 13 place settings
  • Water consumption: 9.7 litres per cycle
  • Noise level: 54 dB(A)
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Quick wash: 39 minutes
Top features:

- Hoover Wizard app to control the appliance from your smartphone

- Easy loading and unloading to make your life easier

- Save on your bills with various cost-cutting options

Hoover Wizard app

Upgrade your kitchen with the Hoover HDPN1L390OW Full-size NFC Dishwasher. This dishwasher can connect to your Android smartphone through the Hoover Wizard app to give you better control of your appliance. Whether you want to clean the filter or check on the machine, you can now optimise your cycle from anywhere. Simply touch your phone to the dishwasher to establish the connection between the devices.

The HDPN1L390OW already comes with five convenient wash cycles, but you can always add more if you see something that suits your dishes better through the app.

Easy loading and unloading

Loading and unloading the HDPN1L390OW is a breeze. With 13 place settings, it can hold up to 143 items in each load, so you can enjoy a big family meal without worrying about running multiple loads.

Have some larger pots and pans? No problem. The upper basket is adjustable so you can fit your bigger items in the bottom rack with ease.

Save on your bills

This appliance is the ideal cost-cutting solution to help you keep your dishes clean. The A+ energy rating means that this machine runs efficiently to save you money on your energy bills. You can also take advantage of the Eco Plus program which washes your dishes on lower temperatures, so you're not using as much energy.

If you want to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs then use the start delay, which lets you determine when you want to start the cycle up to nine hours in advance. This means you don't have to stay up late to enjoy cheaper rates.