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HUAWEI P20 - 128GB



Product features

  • Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • 5.8" Full HD touchscreen
  • 20 MP camera & Full HD recording
  • 2.3 GHz octa-core processor
  • Battery capacity: 3400 mAh

            Top features:

            - Leica dual-lens camera with AI for amazing photos

            - 24MP front camera with studio lighting effects for selfies

            - 128 GB storage for all your photos and media

            - Fast octa-core processor for smooth performance

            Leica dual-lens camera

            Love taking photos? Then you'll love the Huawei P20. It captures snapshots that look professional. It does so thanks to a dual lens 20MP and 12MP camera by Leica, and some very clever AI technology.

            Huawei's AI helps you to take better photos by automatically adjusting the photo settings for you depending on your surroundings, and what you're shooting. For instance, it knows if you're shooting landscapes, a group photo, your cat, or that appetising desert at your favourite restaurant. The AI even helps you to frame your shot. You can even record in super slow motion at 960 frames per second. That's super-duper slow to the rest of us. With the P20, you'll never take a bad photo.

            24MP front camera

            Everyone loves the occasional selfie, right? Even if you don't, the P20 may convince you. That's because it has a 24MP front-facing camera capable of studio-like portraits. The camera uses skin tone adjustment tech to make your shots look more natural and human-like. You can even adjust and edit the lighting after the photo has been taken. And that means perfect portrait shots, every time.

            128 GB storage

            Running out of storage is a pain. That's why the P20 has 128 GB of space. You can use it to store all those amazing photos you'll be taking, along with your music, movies, games and apps. You won't even need a memory card.

            Fast octa-core processor

            The P20 delivers quick performance throughout. It has a powerful Kirin 970 octa-core processor, and 4 GB of RAM, so apps run fast, and games run smoothly.