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IROBOT Roomba 865 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Black & Grey


Product features

  • Compatible with iOS & Android
  • Run time: 1 hour
  • Power: 14.4 V
  • Dirt Detect feature
  • 0.6 litre capacity

          Top features:

          - Seeks out dirt to prioritize cleaning

          - Automatically docks and recharges for hassle-free cleaning

          - Bin full indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the dirt  

          - Cliff-detection sensors keep it safe 

          Seeks out dirt

          The iRobot Roomba 865 Vacuum Cleaner can detect the areas of your floor most in need of cleaning, whether it's caused by hairy pets or muddy trainers. It will then change its route to focus on the areas where it's needed most.

          The use of brushless extractors means it isn't troubled by errant hairs, so there's no pauses to untangle it. The low profile means it can sneak under most furniture too, so it can clean places you wouldn't normally think to.

          Automatically docks and recharges

          You don't need to worry about the Roomba 865 running out of charge in the middle of the floor. It will automatically return to the dock when on low charge, so it's ready for the next clean, whenever you need it.

          Bin full indicator

          It can be frustrating when you let a robot vacuum cleaner clean a whole room, and only realise afterwards it wasn't achieving very much because the interior bin was full. This won't be a problem with the Roomba 865, because there's an indicator on top to keep you informed of when it needs emptying.

          Cliff-detection sensors

          The iRobot Roomba 865 Vacuum Cleaner has cliff-detection sensors, so it can tell when it reaches a dangerous drop-off. You'll be able to leave the Roomba 865to work on the landing without worrying about unfortunate falls.