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LG SH4D 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar


Product features

  • 300 W
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth
  • Optical

              Top features:

              - Cinematic sound with 2.1 channels and 300 watts of power

              - Adaptive sound control to deliver audio best suited to what you are watching

              - Wireless subwoofer to fit seamlessly in your home design

              Cinematic sound

              Bring your favourite films to life and listen to music as intended by the recording artists with the LG SH4D 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar. Two speaker drivers with advanced processing technology deliver 300 watts of quality sound, so that you can always enjoy a rich and immersive audio experience.

              Adaptive sound control

              Enjoy clear dialogue when watching comedies and dramas and punchy soundtracks when catching up in the latest action films. This LG sound bar's adaptive sound control feature calibrates levels to provide the best sound mix based on what you are watching.

              For an even greater experience, balanced sound is guaranteed with LG Auto Sound Engine, which automatically adjusts audio accuracy regardless of volume.

              Wireless subwoofer

              Take advantage of big sound with little clutter. The LG's wireless subwoofer means you can keep your living room tidy and be mindful of your décor.  The sound bar can also be connected to your compatible LG TV wirelessly, eliminating a need for cables.