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MICROSOFT Xbox Elite Wireless Controller - Black


Top features: 

- Experience game-changing accuracy and speed 

- Fire faster with Hair Trigger Locks 

- Become a better player with more precise paddle controls 

- Play for longer with greater comfort 

- Customise your experience with the Xbox Accessories app 

Experience better accuracy and speed

Personalise your Xbox gaming experience by swapping between metal thumbsticks and D-pads of different shapes and sizes to increase game-changing accuracy and speed. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller adapts to your hand size and playing style for better control whether you play FPS, racing or fighting games. Achieve bigger combos, faster times and higher winning streaks.

Fire faster with Hair Trigger Locks

Become better at shooters with fast Hair Trigger Locks that stop the trigger movement after each shot has been fired to get you ready for the next one. It means faster reaction times so you can be the hunter, not the hunted. Simply flip a switch to go back to regular full-range trigger motion.

Become a better player

Paddles on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller offer more control. You no longer have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute jump, aim and shoot combinations giving you more time to react to other players during online multiplayer sessions.

Play for longer with greater comfort

A rubberized diamond grip offers greater feel and better stability when playing. An enhanced grip allows you to grasp the controller with less effort so you can play comfortably for longer. A soft-touch finish on the top of the case provides nonslip control.

Customise your experience with the Xbox Accessories app

Save, tweak and customise your favourite controller settings, mapped buttons and profiles using the Xbox Accessories app available on Xbox One and Windows 10.