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Product features

  • Compatible with 3DS games
  • 2 screens
  • Built-in WiFi

Top features:

- Built for playing games all day

- Improved controls create more interesting gameplay

- Amiibos figures unlock additional features

- Backwards compatible with all 3DS and DS games

- Upgraded hardware reduces loading times 

Built for playing

Get more game with the spacious screen of the Nintendo 2DS XL. You'll be able to see more of the game, so you can be more precise with the touchscreen. Play for hours with the ergonomic design, while the automatic brightness adjusts to your surroundings so your eyes don't get tired.

Improved controls

The C stick tracks how hard you press it, so you can be more precise when controlling your character. The addition of the Z buttons gives even greater precision of control, allowing for more interesting gameplay.

The camera has been updated to take better pictures in dim light, so you can take great photos without the need for a professional lighting rig.


Make use of the Nintendo Amiibos (sold separately), actual figurines that also improve your games. Build your collection, and when you wave an Amiibo at the 2DS XL extra features will unlock within the games.

Backwards compatibility

Every 3DS and DS game can be played on the 2DS XL, so your entire collection is still viable.

Upgraded hardware

The interior hardware, such as the processor, have been upgraded. This means that you'll have faster loading times, so you'll spend less time waiting and more time playing.

The 2DS XL connects to WiFi and has a browser so you can watch online videos – handy for when you get stuck and need a hint to beat the next boss.