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Product features

  • Includes 30 games
  • Plug & play
  • Includes controller

Top features: 

- Mini version of the original NES console 

- 30 games built-in and ready to play 

- Display modes provide a retro touch 

- Controller included so you can get playing straight away 

Mini version

Whether you want to relive all your favourite Mario moments or you just want to see where it all started, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES will take you back to the good old days of 8-bit. This classic 1986 console has been brought back to life in miniature version, so you can bring a palm-sized bit of retro joy to your home.

30 games built-in

You're spolt for choice when it comes for games. From some of the biggest platformers like Super Mario Bros. and Metroid to the frantic fun that is Bubble Bobble, the Mini NES has everything built-in and ready to play.

There's no updates to wait for, and no signing in - just good, old-fashioned fun. Worried about losing your place? There's four suspend slots for every game, and you can lock suspend points to keep your game safe.

Display modes

The NES Mini has a CRT filter that makes it look like you're playing on an old TV. It displays games at 4:3 ratio for the original look. And with a Pixel Perfect design, every pixel is perfectly square for authentic gameplay.

Controller included

If you've missed the feel of the NES controller in your hand, you'll feel right at home with the controller included with this console. Unlike the console, it's not mini, so you can enjoy all your retro games with a classic controller.

With a second controller (sold separately), you can get a friend over to join in the fun.