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Product features

  • Includes 21 games
  • Plug & play
  • Includes 2 controllers

Top features:

- Small but perfectly formed mini version of Super Nintendo Entertainment System console 

- 21 games built in, including an unreleased game 

- Teach an old dog new tricks with the Rewind feature 

- Two controllers included so you can play with a friend 

Small but perfectly formed 

If you're a fan of the chunky 1990s SNES, then you'll love this tiny version. The Nintendo Classic Mini SNES looks just like it's older counterpart, right down to the cartridge slot and controller inputs, so you can bring a palm-sized bit of retro joy to your home.

21 games built in

There's a whole host of games pre-installed on the SNES Mini, ready and waiting for you. There's some absolute classics like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and Final Fantasy III, so you'll be able to relive your favourite games.

There's a surprise in store too. As well as being able to do many a barrel-roll in StarFox (AKA StarWing), you'll also be able to play a previously unreleased game, StarFox 2. This sequel includes your favourite characters, including Fox, Falco and Slippy.

Teach an old dog new tricks

The Mini SNES has something it's bigger brother didn't have. The all-new rewind feature lets you rewind back through five minutes of gameplay from your last save - and you can save up to four suspend points for every game.

You can also frame your games with a variety of borders. Some of them even change colour based on the game you're playing.

Two controllers

If you've missed the feel of the SNES controller in your hand, you'll feel right at home with the controllers included with this console. Unlike the console, they're not mini, so you can enjoy all your retro games with a classic controller.

And because two controllers are included, you'll be all set for a Mario Kart battle with your friend.