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Product features

  • Comprehensive weight & body mass tracking
  • Personalised coaching via Health Mate app
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices
  • Recognises up to 8 users
  • Smartphone syncing via WiFi or Bluetooth

Top features: 

- Comprehensive weight-loss tracker that records six separate measurements 

- Accurate measurements so you know exactly how your efforts are working 

- Delve into your data via the Health Mate app and keep focused on your targets 

Comprehensive weight-loss tracker

Set goals and follow your progress in detail with the Nokia BODY CARDIO Smart Scale, which tracks your weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, water, and bone mass.

The scale also coaches you to lose weight and helps you set goals that are achievable, helping you on your journey.

Accurate measurements

Don't just focus on your weight as a measure of your progress, with the BODY CARDIO Smart Scale you can track your BMI composition for a detailed look.

Thanks to Position Control technology, measurements are accurate to within 0.2 pounds, so you know exactly where you are.

Delve into your data

Unlock all of the useful information on your weight-loss with the Health Mate app, which syncs with your BODY CARDIO Smart Scale so you can follow your progress.

You'll be able to set reminders, use charts, check your timeline, and even earn badges as you reach new progress points, such as completing a marathon distance.