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SAMSUNG HW-M4500 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar


Product features

  • 260 W RMS
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI / Optical

Top features:

- Enhance your sound with accurate and natural sound

- Wireless subwoofer for dramatic bass

- Stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity

- Universal control lets you sync the sound bar with Samsung TVs

Enhance your sound

Make the most of your favourite films and enhance dramatic TV moments with the Samsung HW-M4500 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar, which reproduces accurate notes and natural sounds – making every scene more immersive.

Wireless subwoofer

The HW M4500 includes a wireless subwoofer so you can feel every move of an action movie or sports match. And because you're not limited by cables, you can position the subwoofer in the best place for its sound.

Stream music wirelessly

Using Bluetooth you can easily stream songs from your smartphone or tablet to the HW-M4500 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar. Whether you're playing tunes from a Spotify or Deezer playlist, or enjoying tracks stored in your library, you can share music in moments without any extra wires.
Universal control

You just need one Samsung remote to control your TV and sound bar – the sound bar is configured to work with any Samsung TV. Feel the benefits of a fully connected experience with fewer controllers to bother with. You'll be able to switch your devices on or off, control the volume, choose different sound modes or change the equaliser settings.