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SWAN Fearne SP32010HON Stand Mixer


Product features

  • Mix / beat / whisk / blend liquids
  • Includes 4 accessories
  • Power: 1500 W
  • 12 speed levels
  • Capacity: 6 litres

Top features: 

- Powerful 1500 W motor effortlessly mixes cake batter 

- 12 speed settings to suit sweet and savoury dishes with different processes 

- Large mixing bowl is perfect for preparing family meals 

Powerful 1500 W motor 

Some mixers can struggle against mixtures with tough consistencies. The Swan Fearne SP32010HON Stand Mixer is equipped with a 1500 W motor that is capable of dealing with even the trickiest of ingredients. Make the perfect cake with a totally lump-free mixture that's consistent throughout. 

12 speed settings 

What if you need to gradually fold ingredients into the mixture but can't time it right with the mixer's speed? Not a problem. The SP32010HON has 12 different speed settings, perfect for all kinds of dishes. 

You'll be able to nail your timings and add elements to your dish at the exact moment you need to. 

Large mixing bowl 

Equipped with a huge six litre mixing bowl and a variety of attachments, the Fearne SP32010HON is ideal for making that knockout dessert to cap off an excellent meal when entertaining friends and family. 

Instead of having to split batches, save yourself hassle and make one big batch that can easily be portioned for your guests. 

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