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SWANN SODVR-84575H-UK 8-Channel Full HD 1080p 1 TB Digital Video Recorder CCTV


Product features

  • Record footage from up to 8 Swann security cameras
  • Remote viewing with the HomeSafe View app
  • Records in Full HD 1080p
  • Compatible with iOS / Android
Get peace of mind and record footage from up to 8 security cameras with the Swann SODVR-84575H-UK 8-Channel Full HD 1080p 1 TB Digital Video Recorder.

Perfect for home or business use, the SODVR-84575H-UK 1 TB Digital Video Recorder gives you flexibility to choose the Swann camera models that fit your budget, so whether you just want to keep an eye on things around your property or you want a full security set up, you can tailor your cameras to suit your needs. With a massive 1 TB of storage, you'll never have to worry about something important being rewritten over before you've seen it.

The Digital Video Recorder stores footage in perfect high definition Full HD, so if the worst does happen, your recordings will be bright, clear and easy to interpret.

With live viewing via the HomeSafe View app, you can check in on any camera, with any smart device at any time. Take a look at the house while you're on holiday or see if the children are still doing their homework downstairs - get added peace of mind whenever you need it.